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What is Nuxwizard?


WEBSITE: www.nuxwizard.com

Nuxwizard is a free for all factions server running bukkit. It was started by 2 friends and is a dedicated server hosted in Chicago, LA. We all have player experience and know how to handle big servers. We currently support a 100 player limit, but we are increasing our RAM to 16GB (we started out with a 50 player limit). We love to make the server grow and add the best plugins as we will always use Bukkit. We were the first server to update to 1.4 and 1.5 as well as 1.6!.

Does Nuxwizard use an Economy?

Yes. We use Essentials Eco. We use this because we don't like iconomy , this is because iconomy doesn't support infinite shops officially and because its plugins are always outdated. With EssentialsECO we have NPC shops and local shops for the players to make their own shops. We also have VirtualShops which enabled the players to buy and sell anywhere.

What are the main Rules?

Nuxwizard has no specific game rules, everything is allowed. We allow griefing and and raiding. We have plugins to stop xrayers, fly hackers, speeders and spammers. We prohibit the use of bad mannered language, and racism. People who don't follow this will be kicked, jailed in our state of the art jailing system, or even banned.

Here are some plugins that make Nuxwizard a great server:

Essentials, World Guard, World Edit, Group manager, VirtualShops, AppleTree, BorderGuard, NoCheat, Factions, Jobs, NoLagg, NoPvPLog and a lot more.