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Server Info:


Upon first login, you will spawn in the area of Solitude, the newbie spawn city.

Processor: Optearon 6274
Ram: 64 GB DDR3 Ram
Entire Server on SSD 6GB/S

Raiding is allowed.
Don't ask for changes in time or weather
Don't ask can I be an admin? Apply.
Minimap is allowed and Spout is recommended.
No Client HACKS
No Flying
No Xraying
No Orefinders
No Cavefinders
No Mobfinders
Obey everyone of higher rank than you.

Donator $10 - Color name, Fly mod, 1000 credit, box of tools.
Superdonator $20 - everything before + compass tp, gm 1 or 0, 5k credit
Ultradonator $35 - everything before + 1 max level, Unlimited npc's, 10k credits.
[VIP] 40$ - everything before + 30 help commands mobdisguise, 20k credit.
[Elite] 60$ - Gold text, custom rank thar does not imply staff, 50k credits
[Zeus] 100$ - Mobrider, Unlim NPC, Wizard NPC, custom class, statue of you built at spawn.

Factions , Nolagg, Anti-Xray, Bettershop (/shopbuy) (/shopsell), mcMMO, SupernaturalPlayers

Donate $5 to get unbanned.