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Police, Mafia, and Citizens

The never ending battle between the Police force and Mafia while the Citizens get caught up in between. Police do all they can to enforce the law and protect the people but sometimes that isn't enough. The Mafia and their Godfather, ninjaturtle, plot devious plans to steal from, and kill from those they do not like. Mobsters get jailed for days on end, while Dons and Capos are still pointing figures at new victims. LowLifeNerdz, Commissioner of police, follows ninjaturtle's every move. This never ending battle goes on daily in Johsminecraft.

24/7 No Lagg

Johsminecraft offers the best server experience with little to zero lagg. The only possible solution of internet lagg is on your side. Johsminecraft offers more than 2 TB of Bandwidth and more than 40 players online at once.This is no Joke, even if you just logged into the server, you'll notice the extreme speed and how its capable of much more than you and your 20 best friend's online at once.


The server offers 100% Anti-Grief. Not only do we have a 6GB log file, but we can roll back any changes in a area. We can find out who placed and broke every single block. We have more than 5 Active and helping moderators to help you whenever you see the slightest block of grief. Someone broke your house windows? No problem, We can find out who did it and ban them right on the spot. Its impossible to get away with grieving. Not only do we ban account name, but IP aswell.

Happiness Guaranteed

In Johsminecraft, you mean alot to us. Heck, even enough for me to make a thread about you here. I make sure my moderators and players treat you nice no matter how new you are. Don't beleive me? Login to the server and ask for help, You'll get it, and them some cake. No lie.

So, What are you waiting for? Why not join us today?