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Minecraft - the way you love it !!! Here's a quick rundown of just some of what Dark-Infinity has to offer..

=Survival & PVP=
The moment you join Dark-Infinity you'll see a giant sign pointing you to the "WILD". Explore the wilderness and survive the nights as you fight it out with mobs and and other players. Sure you can make a home in the wilderness, but griefing *is* allowed, so hide your hovel well. PVP in one our arenas or anywhere in the wilderness...all with PVP logging protection, to help keep things fair.

=Towns and nations=
Form your own towns and nations! We have dozens of towns, some with nearly 100 residents. Whether you're looking for a small hamlet or a large metropolis, we have the town for you. Most towns have crops, farm animals and mob grinders that can be used by members. We've recently added new Towny ranks, now you can be a "Co-Owner", "Developer" or a "Builder" with special abilities and permissions specific to your rank. Want to be a part of Nation wars? Be sure to join a town that's in a nation.

=Mob arena=
Become a mob fighting gladiator! Take on wave after wave of increasingly dangerous mobs, all without having to worry about "losing your stuff".

=Survival games=
Like the "Hunger Games"? You'll love finding the hidden chests, puzzles and traps around the map as you fight to be the sole survivor.

Level yourself up and get rewards in all of the different skill-sets! Make your sword, axe, bow or fist more damaging, or get more "drops" (and special drops) when farming or mining.

= Need a Challenge?=
In the mood for something different? Test your skills on our *extreme* parkour course or solve a series of puzzles to win *big* money.

* Donators receive special in-game perks and ranks! *

Survival,Towny, arenas, games, parkour, much fun can you have at Dark-infinity?

How much is Infinity ?



pesky13 [03/16/13 at 5:49 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 2
I tried many servers before I decided that DI was the one worth staying for. Any server can run Minecraft for others to come and go, but it takes a real community with friendly people to make you want to stay.

If you haven't tried Dark-Infinity, do yourself a favor and check it out. Lots to do and a fair, fun-loving,down to earth staff that are open to suggestions. See you there !