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we are a free server but there still donations to be promoted are server has 4 worlds the main wolrd the nether hilly and glacy

As for how our server enhances your survival experience, we utilize WorldGuard to protect
homes and projects. We also have LWC and loccet protection for to keep your chests, doors, and furnaces safe!
As per most servers, our rules are as follows: We do not tolerate griefing and as such, any sort of hacks or modifications as well. No flying, no X-Ray usage of any sort, no cheating in general. Do not destroy other player's homes, do not deface the landscape purposely, and do not steal from others. These rules are to be followed at all times and players will be warned of infractions. Failure to follow rules may result in a placement in 'jail' for a certain amount of time, a kick from the server, or for the worst offenses... a local or global ban. Lastly, do not ask to be an admin or to be a mod. And do not ask them to spawn items for you.

The main goal of the server is to
build towns/cities in the world and to basically have fun and meet new friends!
So we welcome you all to join S