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Come join us we are 24/7 currently running 1.5.2!

HungerGames | SkyBlock | Survival | PVP | Economy | Factions | McMMO | Creative | Towny

Unique users joining for the 1st time will spawn in the Hub/Gateway server and from there you can select the kind of game style you want to play!

2 Survival/Build Servers:
HC Main
*Easy and fast Protection for your homes!
*Gate access to build areas by typing /gates
*Get to server shop using /shop or even build your
own shop using chestshop and use /shout to advertise your shop!
*Use blocks as a Hat!
*Disguise as mobs!
*Huge PvP arena at /pvp
*Helpful and friendly users!
*Lots of staff on almost 24/7 to help you!
*Awesome ranking system use /ranks for more info!

HungerGames Server!
*Lots of huge arenas!
*/shout available to talk globally!
*Amazing kits per game using In-game money!
*Much more!

PvP Server!
*PvP levels!
*Auto rank up by playing long!
*Good pvp kits!
*Much more!

Major Economy Server!
*Rank up by paying In-Game money!
*PvP enabled but can be toggled using /pvp
*Much More!

HC Server gets hundreds of unique players every day and have been around for more than 2 years!

HCServers main aim is to provide the best gaming experience to each and every one of its user and that is the reason why we have hundreds of active In-game/website/forums or even TeamSpeak Moderators and Admins to help you with any issues or problems you have and we even have a Mod request system implemented on each of our servers!