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You can also join the server through

Welcome to the server of Fire Dragon! When you join, you will see that the HUB area is custom-made by yours truly, FireDragon (in-game Kittenz1). There is only one world open for the time being, and that is PvE. PvE is a world in which players can play together or separately to build and mine away for resources! The PvE world is a PvP FREE zone, so that the player can focus on building and resource-gathering! Once per month, when enough players consistently play, there will be a building competition in which each player who would like to builds a small build, and the winner (determined by Moderator consensus) will have their build displayed at the HUB area!

There is also a PvP and a Minigames world for players to play on! A Sector Quest world is being worked on in the near future and will eventually be released as more players take residency in the server.