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Tempest – The Storm That Overcomes All

Tempest is a Minecraft server with the friendliest and most dedicated staff you’ll find. We are a survivial/RPG server with a 24/7 dedicated IP with NO WHITELIST. We currently have 50 slots of space and need players to help fill those up! We have future plans for upgrading, but we need YOU to be active and show up we need to! Any Minecraft players are welcomed and able to play on Tempest. Some of the major plugins we employ are Towny, Jobs, McMMO, LWC, Lottery, and more! We have Logblock for grief-protection to protect your creations. Events are frequent and come with great fun and rewards. So what are you waiting for? Find us at tempest-server.enjin.com and at our IP, and come be part of the most loyal and dedicated community.