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Hi guys! I am Shuffler, the owner of Horde, and I am here to
give you guys a brief explanation of what our server is about..
I know this is probably cheesy, and many servers/server owners say this, but pvphorde is truly about the players. When you log in, you will see all the staff hard at work helping all the players who have questions, simple or hard. You will see the owner (me) hard at work building, adding new cool features to the server, or also helping players. And you will see players pvping, yelling at each other (in a competitive way), and people throwing items at each other (normally dirt).

We tend to put a lot of effort into what we do. We have DDOS Protection, resulting in a stable, fast and reliable server. We also make sure everything we build is visually appealing, mature and functional. Meaning you won't find silly statues, random houses or anything pointless in our PVP area or spawn. We are also always listening to what the community wants, whether it's a new build, events or even a stream. We make sure to please everyone in the most appropriate way possible.

Now, I'm in need of quite a few experienced staff members, that can manage the server & prevent hackers, chat spammers, advertisers, etc. I need some feedback on the server. As I opened it just yesterday. It would be great if you would tell your friends and expand our player base more. I've had a server before & this time after the six months of running a minecraft server I will not fail. I want this to be my only and last lasting server. I just want to get this server out there and show people what a real pvp experience is like. Thank you.