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Mine-RP - A Minecraft Survival Roleplay Server

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No Whitelist! (But read our rules!)

Overview of Mine-RP:
We've been around since January 2011, and have been growing strong ever since. Our arms are open to everybody, and we hope to provide a lasting and satisfying experience for both new and veteran Minecraft players. We do not use a whitelist, so you are free to log in to Mine-RP at any time and give our server a look. While we encourage the freedom of our players to pursue their creative initiatives, we have a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to griefing of any kind. Rest assured, knowing the Mine-RP staff is watching over your hard earned creations. The server is run entirely on player donations, which we reward in-game with special perks, special privileges, and items, all supported by our personalized Buycraft store. Come and say hello, we're always open!

Extra Details:
Spigot! We have many plugins that will improve your experience.
Buycraft Store
Staff online throughout the day.
Active community with a player cap of 100.
Little downtime