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100mbps 6GB 1.8.1 Creative Server

Mature players!
Whitelisted, apply on forum

Visitors can only build in the visitor world.
Do not ask for a promotion, we pick you.

Our goal is to have a zero percent grieving tolerance policy with a trusted community of mature and friendly players.
If this is what you are looking for then join today!

Invite your friends! Most of our players join by word of mouth!

BigBrother we undo what you do!
McBans, yep we know you have alts.
WorldGuard, oh yea, we stop those explosions and fire
NoCheat, stops them griefers in their tracks
AutoClear, we can't have item and boat spam can we?

- Respect the staff, they do a damn fine job'
- Be smart and mature, if it's stupid or immature do not do it'
- Use common sense!'
- No racism/hate crimes/homophobia/sexism'
- No griefing, includes placing and removing blocks'
- No building sexual/offensive stuff