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SandBox is (I think) South Africa's first Freebuild/Survival combo server.

Main Features
* Supply Signs to give you the materials to build your creations and let your imagination run wild
* iConomy
* Player Shops
* Player Towns
* PVP (Except in towns)
* Nether
* Survival and monsters
* NPCs
* Warp Boards

We are relatively new, but have an awesome admin team who have been working for two months getting this server ready.

Things to look out for so far:
* Nordea - Snowy mountain town
* The Arena
* Molitor - First proper player town
* The Molitor Chicken
* Asian Temple
* Sport Complex
* Bennet - Viking themed village
* New Wold coming SOON!

All are welcome, we have no white list.
See you online soon!