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We are a new server that is seeking fun and mature players to join us for some enjoyment, friendship, and partying :d This is a Survival/Economy server with plenty to do and plenty of perks!

- 24/7, 100 slot, lag free, DDoS protection, experienced administrators
- Primarily PvE with PvP in only selected areas
- Zone and Chest protection with Mod ticketing system for requests
- Working Casino/Slots and Lottery
- Shops and "Night life" ;)
- Contests with showcased builds and prizes
- Capability for players to own shops (ChestShop)
- Spawn plots to work towards earning
- Near real-time map of the world on website
- Mumble voice chat
- Just play and you get in-game money by the minute!!

We have MUCH more planned, so stay tuned. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or simply visit: http://pubcubeserver.enjin.com/ for rules, photos, and server basics. If you find that you love it, feel free to apply to be a moderator, as well.