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Game Description:
DEAD ISLAND SURVIVAL is an open world Free roam game. As a wandering "waste islander" who has washed up on an apocalyptic island after a ship wreckage. With only little supply you must find ways to survive and prosper. players can interact with the environment and engage in combat with enemies, civilians even animals Using various firearms and weapons bought at shops or found in chests. Different horses are the main forms of transportation, each with different attributes You can wander town to town across the entire map finding cities and supplies. you could look into the different landforms for good places to make a home with a prebuilt settlement. You can gain up and create a clan and take over towns. You can avoid trouble and become a well respected citizen or kill and become a bandit with a bounty on your head. Ride horses Or walk to get town to town. WIth over 10 custom coded plugin segments done by paid coders this game mode RpG is one of the most fun servers you will ever play on. Guns are a big part in this game and the guns are realistic with a resource pack for sound and high def pictures. The zombie AI adds a serious apocalyptic aspect to the server making zombies hear hit run and think better. Gui and Detection Huds built in. With hunger health and water levels to worry about you will be busy at all times. Stock your inventory with weapons and ammo so you can survive. This is Dead Island Survival PVP.