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Every Server Has Its Beginning And this is Ours!

Dp At 10 people and will be dropping donor kits!

Yes, Server Owners play to keep the fun on the server If you kill a server owner You may get Rewards Such as sharp 6 and fire aspect 2 items.

If we see you are helping alot we will tell you to make an app without donating

This is not an op server but you can get very rich if you try

The server owners are Kwoka12 And Jkconrad

We Will Be Watching over you guys as you progress through the server.

The Special items that will be rewarded are only if you do this:

1) Inv All your friends to play on the server.

2) Report people ONLY if they do hack.

3) Show respect for people.

4) Play on The server alot.

The dp will be at 10 people and we love new faces!

If you Feel something needs to be added ask any server staff they will give you a book and quill and put your suggestion there!

Remember Guys No ASKING for OP/Staff Just go on the website.


Thx Guys From The Awesome Owner Of HesitationPvP.
Or Connect With hesitationpvp.mcpro.co