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Welcome To Our Website
100% Pure vanilla whitelisted server of
builders and adventures! We are mostly a
mature group of minecraft builders who
like to focus on beautiful builds and
amazing redstone machines! This is a
SURVIVAL server set on NORMAL. There is no
unconsentual PVP allowed, and we
a friendly mature building environment!

There is an application process to get
whitelisted. We stay on the newest build of
minecraft. We do not have any plugins
installed and we do not use Bukkit. See
Rules on Website.
To apply for whitelisting:
1. Apply for registration on our enjin
website. (see website link)
2. Once you are accepted as a registered
member on the enjin website then you will
need to post an application thread on the
forums. MAKE SURE you refresh your
browser cache to see the Post Thread
button in the application forum. Fill out the
application completely or we will not
consider it.
3. We will notify you if you are accepted