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This is a completely "legit" survival server. There is warp gate network and multiple worlds. Economy with global shop and player run shops. Create clans and have custom clan capes with Spoutcraft!

*** Survival Map Features ***
Supports Spoutcraft
- Live map @ http://minecraftnow.com:8123
- Extensive warpgate system with custom gates
- Simple Clans to create warring factions - /clan
- Multiple worlds including Nether and an Eternal night world
- Full economy with global market for raw goods
- Chestshops for player made goods
- Certain blocks provide protection forcefields (PreciousStones)
- Doors, Furnaces, Chests, and dispensers can be locked
- Monsters drop cash sometimes
- Quests!
- Theres Giants !!! and they have chainmail in their bellies
- Chainmail is fire/lava resistent
- Repairable armor, tools, and sword.
- Ability to make private chat channels
- Lifts, gates, bridges, and cauldrons
- Create a thunder tower to attract lightning
- Move mobspawners and control them with redstone
- Be a gladiator in the Mob Arena!!
- Drink Milk and get drunk!!
- Must eat food to keep hunger away
- 15% death penalty, use the bank to save your money
- Duel each other in Warzone!


#1 - Listen to the Admins and Moderators
#2 - No Cheating/Hacks! (xray,flying,speed,airbuild)
#3 - No Griefing!
#4 - Do not modify others work, if you wish to help, ask.
#5 - Do not build single block towers or tunnels.
#6 - Do not claim areas you are not building on.
#7 - No more building next to hubs... thats what gates are for!