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Ever wanted to join a server full of nice staff and members?
Well you found it! Join our community lets make it big we have good system specs you will expect "Zero-Lag" you will also be playing with the best. Our server offers a Multi-Hub platform to not only join one world but many.

About Staff Members: We Currently aren't accepting any Applications.

About Owner & Co-Owner: Well I'm the Owner xRequiKz I try to do my best to maximize the players fun on Minecraft, I also like to keep things up and steady If there are any problems just let me or any of the staff members I guarantee your problem would be solved. Also if your asking "How do I have so much ram?!" me and the Co-Owner invested a lot of money to own our Dedicated server, I'm 16 years old and the Co-Owner is 26 years old we know how to run a server.

Our site for donations:

we have an automated donation system so Donate and wait 10 seconds in game :)

Server Specs:
Dual X5560 Quad Core CPU's
250GB Intel SSD
1Gbps Uplink
20TB Bandwidth.

So what are you waiting for join !

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