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Server specifications

100 Mbit/s upload speed.
100 Mbit/s download speed.

4GB at the moment, I'm fairly sure 4GB is enough to hold the server online with 30 players, maybe with some lag. But it doesn't cost much to upgrade to 8GB, approximately 54 USD. So all the donation will go to upgrading the server.

'Intel Core 2 Duo E6550' CPU clocked at 2.33GHz.

Hard Drive
At the moment the minecraft world and all the plugins run on a 160GB Hard Disk Drive. In the future I'll upgrade it to and 64GB or 32GB Solid State Drive. (depends on how 'big' the server folder is)

Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit.

Server Software
I use spigot to host the server. For people that don't know what spigot is and what it does. Well spigot is just a mod of bukkit but without all the laggy stuff and all the compatible problems with the plugins.