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Clan RKS Minecraft 1.7.2 Server Survival Multiplayer.
Server located in San Jose, California
The Bay Area Server
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December 25 Updated to 1.7.2!
October 2 Updated to 1.6.4!
July 8 2013 Updated to 1.6.2!
May 6 2013 Updated to 1.5.2!
March 14 2013 Updated to 1.5 Temporary fix.
March 2013 Updated Arena World!
January 2013 Updated to 1.4.7!
November 2012 Updated to 1.4.5!
October 2012 Updated to 1.4.2!
August 2012 Updated to 1.3.2!
July 2012 Votifer Enabled
April 2012 Updated to 1.2.5!
March 2012 Updated to 1.2.3!

-No griefing
-No stealing
-Play nice with others in the sandbox

Violators will be banned on sight.
-Violators can also be reported to the Report abuse section on http://forums.clanrks.com
-Appeals can also be made at that url.
UPDATE October 4 2013
Server current status: Stable
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