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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-MineChap-=-=-=-=-=-=- FUN BENDING NICE STAFF GREAT COMMUNITY -=-=-=-=-=-=-=MineChap-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- FUN Our server is full of fun with over 40 plugins! We have Factions and Bending which is what the server focuses on. -=-=-=-=-=-=--=MineChap-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Bending Our server is bending based! The server is very powerful and has no lag at all. There are 5 elements to choose from, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Chi. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=MineChap-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Nice Staff Our server is full of committed staff members ready for any challenge our admins and mods are very nice and supportive. We love to help out. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=MineChap-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Great Committee Our players are the best period. They are nice supportive and will do anything to help out! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=MineChap-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-