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Hey Everyone!

CakeMine is a primarily Survival & Economy based Minecraft Server, with a land-claim creative world where you can gain blocks for time played, or purchasing it with money earned in the survival economy. With helpful staff and a friendly community, we're sure you'll love playing here!


Stay in the Safe Zone to buy, sell and trade with people (or sell to the server) to increase your balance, then buy plots to build a shop or bigger house.


Leave the safe zone and make your way to The Wild to mine ores, gather supplies, or grief other peoples' creations in the wild. That's right destruction is allowed and ENCOURAGED outside the protected safe-zone. There is no block protection in the wild though, so without a good way to protect your structures, bring your loot back to the safe zone with protected plots and build amazing structures or grow your fortune by selling loot at your store!

For those looking for more of a challenge or we have just integrated a HardPvP world, with Ampified terrain, Blood Moon, and more!


In creative, claim any place you can find with the blocks you are given, using your trusty golden shovel. Players start with 200 blocks to claim, and can gain more for time played on the creative server, or spend time earning money in the survival economy to spend money on claim blocks with /buyclaimblocks.

You can connect right now by pointing your Minecraft client to (no port number needed)

- Survival-Economy Server
- Land Claim Creative Server
- Spigot for Speed
- Mature Admins
- mcMMO
- mcJobs
- WorldGuard
- Lockette Chest/Door/etc. Protection
- SelfService Plot buying
- Economy
- Casino
- Warp Signs
- Plots
- Premium Features Available
- Dynamic Map
- Player Stats Tracking
- Teamspeak
- Forum