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Dear Commity:

You are hereby the first to be invited onto a public server.

Why should you join? Well this server can offer you an experience like no other!

We have:

Mob Arena: A place to pit your strengths against the onslaught of zombies, skeletons, golems and much more!

PVP Arena: Fight against your friends in the largest Arena going!

Mob Maze: Can you get to the end?

(All Arenas have prizes for the winners, along with xp, in-game money, and different blocks/materials)

A fully built city! When you join you will have access to the facilities in our city such as:

A fully functioning store (to spend your in-game money for different blocks, weapons, materials, even xp!)

A Blacksmith (For your smelting, cooking and crafting needs)

A Farm (We all know how annoying it is to find food sometimes)

An enchanting room! (Collecting for the bookshelfs takes too long so use this)

A Library (For you booky types)

Whats best about this server is the Mods on it will host special events such as mining trips, hardcore arenas and much more! This allows for you to collect more stuff or generally just have fun xD

The server is always being added to so there will always be improvements for you!

At this present moment it holds 70 players at once, but as more people join we will be upgrading and expanding.

If you're having trouble we all sell minecraft gear online at


But remember you can make in-game money buy the selling of things you collect too!
Join us today! Invite your friends!

Email us today at: Godoftnt@hotmail.com
Visit us on Facebook at: facebook.com/godoftnt
Website? :O: www.godoftnt.com

Server name: Gods Of TNT
Server IP: