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What is ObsidianCraft?

IP Address:

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ObsidianCraft uses a custom version of Bukkit and supports 5000 players. (It is a top of the line 32gb RAM Intel Server)

What kind of Economy system does ObsidianCraft use?

ObsidianCraft uses iConomy. We also utilize a VirtualShop plugin and chest shops. We also have a market with many blocks and items for sale. Moreover, players may find working for other players a good way to make money, as you can pay people the money you have earned.


ObsidianCraft has rules in place to keep the server orderly and keep peace with players. Griefing and “Trolling” of any kind is not allowed. You may request a structure be protected with WorldGuard, just ask a staff member. Players who use foul language, make racist remarks or inappropriate comments will be muted, jailed, and possibly banned.

What are a few plugins ObsidianCraft uses?

To name a few, Essentials, WorldGuard, LogBlock, Citizens, HeroicDeath, MagicCarpet, Lockette, MyWarp, iConomy, iConomyChestShop and BukkitVote. This list grows rapidly as more people join our server.