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Welcome to MineCraft Freedom!

Name says a lot actually! Over at our server, there is a LOT of freedom! No need to sign up, no need to

We specialize in... Not giving a damn. We don't like all those hard-ballers going all serious with stupid names like "THE BEST #1 UBERAWESOMECRAFT" because we all know those servers are the bargain bin servers. We just want baller builders and awesome MineCraft Survivalists.

Actually, we don't care about being number one, we're just here to have a good time. Im fairly sure we are like, the 251st "best" server out there.

After all, it IS just a game.

We have waaay to many plugins, over 40 at this point. Good thing we're dedicated. Not just the computer too. We don't host and leave [the Minecraft equivalent to date rape]. We're always on! And we like to give away stuff!

Well, I'm way too lazy to list all of the plugins, so I'm going to just say all the cool stuff.

--> We haz Pokemon Centers!

--> So dem creepers don't ruin the day

--> WoW in MineCraft.. I think.


--> OH YEAH!

--> No, I am not lying. Come see for yourself.

I think that's about it....

Here are the ranks!

And if you can, buy us a drink! It doesn't help the server whatsoever, I've just always wanted to say that.