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We are a PvP Anarchy server. As such, we live by the idea that things belong to those strong enough to take them.

No hacking, advertising, threat of DDoS, nor mod that grant the user an unfair advantage or glitch exploitation will be tolerated.

Griefing, stealing, and scamming are all allowed.


A competitive, fair environment.

A dedicated server, for lag-free play.

Anti-xray, to protect any well hidden bases.

PvP tag, so your enemies can't escape you by leaving the game!

Worldwide PvP tag, so even if your enemies get into spawn, you can still chase them down and kill them.

A marketplace plugin, allowing for anyone to post their items for sale... For free!

Admin shops to help get you started, but not enough to interfere with your selling.

Teams, not factions; no more having to build a TNT cannon to get to that juicy vault!

Not even your wallet is safe; a small percentage of your money will now drop on the ground when you're killed, represented by a gold nugget.