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Server Launch: 08/16/2011
Come join us on SMASHCRAFT! A new server dedicated to making
Minecraft a more enjoyable game without taking away from the
reason you started playing

With plugins like mcMMo you will be able to level and unlock
abilities without having restrictions that other RPG style
plugins put in place. But at the same time the abilities you
gain through doing your day to day minecraft activities don't
change the game so much that it doesn't feel like Minecraft anymore.

We have a dedicated staff there to help you with any questions you have
about the game or the server. The server is VERY new and we're working
hard on different projects that will make your time here more enjoyable.

We are also looking for staff members who are knowledgeable straight
forward people that are interested in helping new players and developing
some of the projects we have planned.

Hope to see you in game!



rychus_diamond [06/08/13 at 7:00 PM] [Reply]Rating: 2/5 | 0
Not the best server for new minecraft or old players alike. The staff are hardly ever seen on, and so the rules are broken without consent. The players that actually have some resources, are hardcore pvpers, so dont trust them. Many of the 'useful commands' that are shown in the tab screen are broken or don't work. If you like being killed by veterans for those few iron blocks you get as a new player, then join this server.