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Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just a casual player, Metrocraft has something for you. When you first join Metrocraft you will be a guest and you must attain rights. The process is painless and will take only but a few minutes. Once you do this, the world is open to whatever you want to make of it. Building, PvP, mining or whatever else you like to do.

Metro almost always has helpful and kind staff online that is willing to help you with any problems. Best of all Metrocraft is free to play on. All of these plugins are brought to you free of charge and all for your enjoyment. Metro also has a live streaming map that is up 24/7 on their website so you are always able to see other people’s buildings or just to remember how you got to your best mine.

Towns are another big part of the server. Get some friends and start a place all to yourself. Claim the land and protect it from any harm and so off some of those great building skills. There are also events that are always taking place. Building contests and more add to all of the fun that the server has to offer. Come check out this great server. Myself or anyone of the staff will be more than happy to help out with all that we can!