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BaccaGaming is a new hardcore server that has mcmmo, factions, chestshop, shopkeepers, and tons more plugins. We have player shops and a trading system with villagers. Donations have not been set up yet, we're looking for a plugin to sell enchanted items. And yes we're looking for staff you may post app on the forums, please use the apps we have made for you to use. Also the server can support 100 players so shouldn't be any lag from the server, BaccaGaming allows you to grief with lava, tnt, and so on. We also let players use glitches to get into faction bases, but we don't allow xray glitches or duping glitches you will be banned for 24h if you're caught using one of those glitches. Also you're able to open chests in enemy faction land.

(1) No Hacks/Mods that give you a unfair advantage.
(2) Don't spam the chat.
(3) Don't use alts on BaccaGaming.
(4) Don't advertise server ips on BaccaGaming.
(5) Have fun!


To apply for staff go to our fourms :) :