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Oblicom is a cracked, offline minecraft server with a difference. We aim to provide a fun playing experience for everyone regardless of whether or not they have purchased the game. We hold constant faction wars between the two factions we own, the criminals and the Police, and we hold regular roleplay sessions among our players.

Role Play

The roleplay aspect of Oblicom is at the heart of the entire server. Join a city when you start and choose to participate in wars or stay out of them. Whatever you choose to do, harness powerful advantages which your city allows you. Pickpocket, thieve chests or put people in Jail... the choice is yours on Oblicom.


We only use the best anti griefing and banning tools, designed from the ground up by us, on our legendary offline server. This server was built for happiness, and a lot of thought has gone into the moderation progression and control that is required on an offline server. It is for this reason that we have become so successful in following anti-grief and stopping anyone who spams, illiterates and advertises on our server.

Cracked, offline with Authentication

This does mean, however, when you join the server you will need to open the chat console and type /register pass, replacing 'pass' with your desired password. Next time you join the server, you can type /login pass specifying the password you chose.

100% Happiness Guaranteed

We guarantee that when you join our server, you will recieve help.