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Description: Lunarware
server type: Bukkit
Game mode: survival
Interactions: PVP, PVE
grief: NO!!!!
Protection system: yes

Ancient Gates: Gets you around the world faster!
Nocheatplus: so those pesky hackers are kept in line
Log Block: get grieved? someone steal your stuff? tell an admin and they can fix it and ban the offender
Dynmap: wonder where everyone is? or how far it is to a town? or just where the heck you are? go to www.minecraft.lunarware.com:8123 to see lots of lovely maps and find your friends
multiverse: cause 3 worlds just wasn't enough!
essentials: cause its essential
residence: protect your land and lots of fun stuff!
hyperconomy: the smart economy that changes prices due to economic demand
other plugins: lots of other plugins to make your playing experience better