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-------»»» Project Epsilon Gaming Network «««-------
Welcome to Epsilon. The first full Minecraft experience.

Server IP :
Server Website :

Why are we unique?
We have a jump-in-and-play system, where all commands are in a simple, easy to use GUI. This means you don't have to learn new commands!
We also offer a wide variation of gameplay, with 6 unique worlds, and a dedicated staff team here to help you enjoy your time the most!

Our worlds:

Resource - A PvP raiding world where players have no protection by plugins
Gintarus - A vanilla survival world
Pruina - A unique harsh snowly landscape, with minimal supplies and survival gameplay tweaks.
Xavios - A freebuild world without PvP/Greifing/Stealing
Xari - A Creative plots world, available to everybody with 60+ hours!
Tyro - A Creative terrain world, available to VIP Gold+!

Our player ranks:

Peasant (Players up to 2 hours)
Survivor (Players with 2+ hours)
Squire (Players with 24+ hours)
Knight (Players with 60+ hours)
Templar (Players with 120+ hours)

Donator Ranks:
Visit the website for info!

Our main plugins:
Prism - For rollbacks and logging
WorldGuard - To prevent greifing
Multiverse - To allow for easy managment of multiple worlds
Essentials - Lots of useful commands!
GlobalMarket - An advanced but simple player market with a GUI
LWC - To lock your doors, chests & more!
iConomy - For an advanced economy system!

Server Hardware:
Intel i5 QuadCore 3.4ghz (6MB cache)
100mb/s dedicated connection