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Website: www.savagerealms.net

Savage Realms has everything you could ever want with many custom things you can not find elsewhere.

Towns - Create a town or join an established one! Take part in the frequent town contests with great prizes.

Pets - Collect, Battle, and level up your pets. Our custom Pet Battle plugin is not found anywhere else!

Bosses - Go fight different bosses that drop special loot and have many unique abilities!

Quests - Go do different quests every day for special loot!

Classes - We have MANY custom classes from everything to PvP all the way to Building or Questing. Try em out!

Raid - Maybe base raiding, tnt explosions, and pvp is more your style? Try out our raid server for non stop pvp fun and keep track of your pvp stats with each class and overall.

Skyblock - Perhaps you enjoy Skyblock? Try out our skyblock server to make your own island and move up the ranks to be the best!

CTF - If you want a quick fun game of CTF hop on over to the CTF server to play fast paced fun CTF with other players.

Parkour - If parkours are your thing then you will find it here. Many unique parkours on our parkour server with many different difficulties and great prizes!

Minigames - We have several minigames such as Zombies 'n' Guns, Juggernaught, Mob Arena, and more!

More - There is just to much to list. So many things to do how could you get bored!

We have been around for nearly 2 and a half years and are one of the top MC networks in the world throughout that time! What keeps people playing Savage Realms such a long time? All the custom and fun stuff as well as new updates all the time.

Join up!