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This is an awesome server for everyone for people who want to pvp or to just play survival the old fashion way.We have a very nice staff who will help you with any of your problems.

PvP can be enable just do /Pvp enable and you can PvP and if you don't want
to PvP then don't use this command!

You can protect your land with free land protection

Their is a mob arena and more arenas will be made in the time coming.



IsoTricKz [04/26/14 at 1:56 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
Hi I'm reviewing this server on a outstanding basis my Ingame name is rockybbaa my skype is rockybbaa1 steam KSXGAMING xbox Iso TricKz v4

So onto the review

This server I find is very organised and very worth playing as the tps and Ping is fine it's 24/7 a great hosted server with a great future ahead of it I rate this server 5 reason why
Great Plugins
great Staff
Reasonable Rules
Fair Size Spawn (Not Complicated)
Eye Catching MOTD
Reasonable Amount Of Plugins That Prevent Lag, Mob Griefing And Fair Survival

And this is good because I don't usually write reviews unless their popular but I want the best for this server just to quickly state I Was Wondering To Invest Ingame Money For a contract for building propertys for people who pay a certain amount of money higher fir a different state of building say in modernism storys resources or size if so could i get a contract for a building company called EmeraldBuild maybe for priced building property's but thanks for reading