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What we are about
We are currently a semi-vanilla server with an anarchy world where griefing and raiding is allowed. We have a very friendly staff and will help in any way possible. They will protect your build on request. We also have a few small shops at spawn for the players who enjoy using an economy. Our community of players is growing and we have a lot of good, mature, people working on a lot of team builds in the server. Our mumble voice chat server is very active. If you want to meet a new minecraft partner or just go off and start a solo build on a new map come check us out.

Current Plugins
Core protect – allows us to roll back grief. Just in case.
Multiverse – Gives us more than one world so we can have different types of game play in different worlds.
LWC – Provides the players with locked chests.
World guard – protects areas from unwanted changes. If you have an area you want protected just ask an admin.
Dynmap - Link on our website to view the map.

1. Do Not in any way inhibit other players enjoyment of the game. This includes griefing, chat spam, and raiding (Raiding and griefing area allowed in the anarchy world!).
2. NO cheats or hacked clients.
3. Keep the world looking nice. No 1X1 towers or floating trees.
4. Don’t be an ass.

Connection info
You can connect to the server using or
We also have a voice chat server. Mumble can be connected to through (default port)

There is none, as long as you can follow the rules you are welcome to come join our community. When you first join the server you will be ranked a Guest. A guest can build and has a few commands available. To get more commands and a member title all you have to do is join our forums and make a quick introduction.

More information can be found at and on our forums.