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DarkHelmet is a town/economy server that sees hundreds of players of ALL ages every day! Tons of familiar plugins you love, with several large custom plugins you won't find anywhere else!

Fly once you reach Respected rank!


You can *immediately* protect your land and chests - and staff will help you as soon as we can!

Choose from a hundred amazing towns. No forced registration/donation! Earn ranks by PLAYING and following rules!

A big server with a small community feel. We focus on survival with a very strong economy - extremely vibrant player market, items have real value - sell/interact with other players with Auctions, Orders, direct sales, and more!

Or try Trouves, our survival world with no access to the economy, or donate $5/mo for access to our FTB server! <- Check out our awesome website!

We run with LWC, Towny, Residence, ChestShop, McMMO, Essentials, GemXP, Lottery, Multiverse, and others...

We also offer tons of CUSTOM PLUGINS, like:

  • - Crafty's - Buy/Sell items, enchantments, XP, health, mobs, repairs, and more! Run auctions, make and fill orders, cross sell to players directly, etc!

  • - Oracle - Track your own playtime, rank ups, plus a dozen handy utilities no other plugin offers!

  • - DarkMythos - An amazing spells and curses plugin for higher ranks!

  • - dhmcDeath, InventoryToolkit, StockMarket, Donations - smaller custom plugins that make dhmc so unique!

  • - Major anti-grief with Prism and more

No XRAY/Ore Finder, griefing, cursing. Be respectful to everyone.



BadAssBrendan [03/03/14 at 8:18 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
Great server. I have been playing on it for almost a year now and I am addicted to it. The server has professional staff who keep things running smoothly. The kindness of players is great. The welcoming of new players is amazing. Overall just a great server with great people.
trollfacelol [05/28/13 at 12:00 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This one of my favorite servers.When I was new people helped and supported me because they are caring and friendly people. This is a great server, and if you hate you don't deserve the server. Thank you. -mooseears1223