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Join hundreds of players of ALL AGES every day on DarkHelmet Minecraft!

3 years old, we've seen 25k players, and have *always* ranked by playtime! Donors get cosmetic rewards but NEVER any unfair advantage.

We run a dedicated server with all sorts of fancy specs. We have an even more dedicated owner!

FLY allowed after 20 hours playtime!

We offer a PlotMe-based build server as well as our main survival server.

Unmatched Economy:

    * Orders
    * Auctions
    * Stock Market with real-world stock prices
    * Lottery
    * Crafty's - marketplace for EVERYTHING (buy/sell items, tame mobs, xp, health, enchantments, more!).

Custom MiniGame Plugins! Automated pvp events designed for equal/fair play and fun rewards! 100% custom and unique to DHMC!

    * Spleef
    * Hunger Games
    * PVP Duel
    * Into The Void
    * More in progress!

Custom Plugins!:

    * Schwartz - gems awarded for playtime with many special abilities.
    * Custom Items!
    * DarkMythos spell books
    * Gifts - special event surprises for our community!

Protect your stuff immediately:

    * LWC
    * Residence
    * Horses
    * Towny (creating towns for Legendary+)

Staff are here to help!:

    * Prism (we wrote it...)
    * Oracle - detailed playtime tracking
    * ReportRTS
    * WorldEdit
    * Duties
    * OpenInv

And more!: ChestShop, McMMO, MultiVerse, Votifier, GemXP, EchoPet, dhmcDeath

Monthly voting goals, regular contests, very activate and amazing community!

No XRAY/Ore Finder, griefing, cursing. Be respectful to everyone.



BadAssBrendan [03/04/14 at 1:18 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 1
Great server. I have been playing on it for almost a year now and I am addicted to it. The server has professional staff who keep things running smoothly. The kindness of players is great. The welcoming of new players is amazing. Overall just a great server with great people.
trollfacelol [05/28/13 at 4:00 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This one of my favorite servers.When I was new people helped and supported me because they are caring and friendly people. This is a great server, and if you hate you don't deserve the server. Thank you. -mooseears1223