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Mr Minecraft's RPG server provides you with a diverse, multiplayer environment that gives you the freedom to enjoy the game. Join a peaceful tribe at one with nature or a pack of mercenaries harnessing the power of the sharpened blade. Remember that the enemy of your enemy is your friend so form alliances with other factions and crush your foes one by one. Practise is everything, level up your skills and master the art of combat.

In Game Features :-

* McMmo gives you the chance to level up skills and use abilities
* The Factions plugin allows you to declare war on enemies
* Nether World is enabled
* Pistons are enabled
* Active staff that are very friendly and very helpful
* Fully functioning FalseBook Plugin to enhance your redstone circuits
* An in game ranking system (Starting from 'Player' and all the way up to 'Moderator')

We have a strong policy against hacking/modding your Minecraft client.

This includes :-

* Texture Hacking
* Fly Mods
* Speed Hacks
* X-Ray Hacking

We monitor and permanently ban anyone that is caught hacking without question! If you use hacks I don't really care just don't do it in our servers.