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Welcome to MaxiumGaming Towny Server!

Server Info:
You can find our donation packages on our forum!

About our server:
The server is now 1 years old and since the day we started the server we focused on what our players want and look forward to so they can get a good experience and enjoy the server. We do everything to make them enjoy our server and our staff team is very friendly. The server is a Survival moded server and we are running Towny. It's very hard to find servers like MaxiumGaming's Towny Server and we often hear from our players that they do not regret from the time they joined. Our economy is driven by the players themselves through our unique trading system and our shops. We also got a Mob Arena which is very popular!

Some of our Plugins:
- Towny
- mcMMO
- Jobs
- Dynmap
- ChestShop
- Essentials
- Craftbook
- Lockette
- Mob Arena

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you!





RACHIETshah [05/06/14 at 11:19 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
Hello....I had been on this server for 7-8 months and my experience says that this server is awesome and best in the world...
Friendly staff,mini-games,CTF,tdm,and lots more....all the people over here are treated equally.the server has the best staff in the whole world,friendly community and people welcome all the newbie who joins the server and greets them.
We wish to see u.
Server IP:
And server webpage-
AwesomeSauce9908 [01/11/14 at 1:38 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
I would love to join the server unfortunately when I log into it it asks me to register. Dont know why the command is not working for me. If you could please give me better instructions or help with it (If it is a bug.) Thanks. -Zelda9908
rexman199 [08/15/13 at 5:44 PM] [Reply]Rating: 3/5 | 0
this server was an amazing server that is until i got banned for no reason it said that i got banned for asking other server ips but i did no such thing so if you could please unban me that would be great the user name is rexman199