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Altair is about as exciting as jumping from couch to couch avoiding the lava as a little kid. Altair, just say it aloud because i know that you're reading this in your head, it just sounds like its amazing doesn't it? Awwww yeah it does! Now heres what you gotta do, got to and sign up, you will not regret this act. You don't know what a Minecraft server website is like until you've been to Go there now.

Now that you've been there, what did you think? Did you find everything you've been looking for? When you pressed enter did you hear the soft singing of angels? Did you see a white light while all of this happened? If not you must not've signed up. If you sign up, you will probably hear and see such things.

Did you see it? Did you hear it? Great isn't it!? Yeah it is! You know it is! Whats another Minecraft server website? Who cares?! You've got this one now!