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CombatCraft is a HardcorePvP server. It has Factions and Soups. Meaning Mushroom stew will heal you instantly. We are a very community based server and you will never wonder why the Owner is never on the server.

Factions - Create factions and defend your base with your friends! Also attack other player's bases!

Soups - Mushroom stew now heals you instantly! A very popular mechanic in the community of Minecraft.

GlobalShop - Buy items from anywhere! Don't waste your time having to go to the spawn or a shop to sell/buy items!

ObsidianDestroyer - Players can no longer hide behind obsidian! A couple hits and obsidian is no more!

Server specs

Processor: E3-1290v2


HardDrive: 2x 128GB SSD

Connection: 1GB/s

DDoS protection: Yes.