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Join the Distracraft community!

We are a cracked server!

When you join the server just do:
/register [password] [Confirmpassword]

Don't make your password obvious!

Server Information:

Main-Owner: zDistrocity
Website: distracraft.net
Skype: miikessol
Donation: distracraft.buycraft.net
Server IP: distracraft.com

Server Feature:

*Create your own faction and become number one!
*We use a global shop economy which uses commands to buy items.
*We have auctions to prevent scamming and selling your valued items!
*Absolutely no chest protecton not even in claimed faction land!
*Buy spawners make a huge xp farm!
*Donors have the ability to mine them!
*We use mob cash which pays you for killing any kind of mod
*Great kits to start out the game
*We have 3 warp wilds to prevent the weak from having trouble
*Beat our parkour for $50,000 in game cash
*We use votifier, which means we give reward for those who vote!
*And many more!
NOTE: New comers are protected from pvp for 30 minutes, don't waste your time!

Don't forget to vote for us!