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Nevaeh's Realm was started a few months back. The server, of course, is NOT live yet! We have spent this time to prepare the files, find textures, mods, and plugins, began building a little bit, but most of all, specifically planning the server out. The server is going to be a role-play type server, with a middle-age feel to it. When a player joins, they will be taken to a dark area (tied in with the lore) where they will choose their race and class (i.e. Dwarve, Mage). They will then be taken to an island where they will train to learn the ways of the class they have chosen. Upon leaving this island, they will then be brought to their race's capital city. There will be around five capital cities, all designed specifically for each race. The style of building will vary between the different areas. The server will of course have all the essentials (player based economy, PVP, stores, quests, and more!). The aesthetics of the server, though, are not going to be like any other server. Each village, bridge, ship, and more will take time to build, by builders who know what they're doing. The server will have a very realistic and magical feel to it, It is almost hard to put into words!