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Hello and welcome to DragonsCraft!

Why DragonsCraft ?

Spawn World - Great Spawn with many portals to all worlds.
PVP World - We have a Custom PVP MAP and we create new one on every World Restart.
Creative World - to build your great ideas.
Fun World - Many Minigames, Events, Custom Buildings, Jumps, Parkour arenas and many more.
Minigames: PVP Arena, Mob Arena, Spleef, Bow Spleef, PainBall, TNT Run, CTF, Tample Run, Parkour Events.

Have fun with our PVP World, Great Community, Nice Players, Powerful Enchantments, Strong Protections, Great Battles, Fantasy Worlds, Strongest Mobs, Efficiency Strategy and more.

Some or our PVP plugins: Factions, MCMMO, DeathRevenge, Jobs, SilkSpawners, CraftBook, Essentials, DragonTravel, Item Auction and many more.

Come and Join our Community for nice and fair Play :) Join US Today :)