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Bauscraft Factions Mcmmo Pvp Server

Bauscraft is a factions pvp raiding server . We make it our priority to give you the best possible pvp experience that minecraft has to offer.
We have pvp oriented plugins to enhance the traditional minecraft style of pvp such as the ever popular plugin Mcmmo which we have tweaked to improve in some areas.
The staff is extremely fair and friendly they will assist you in everyway possible except they will not spawn items or help to abuse another player.
Bauscraft accepts both new and veteran minecraft players.
Join today and and claim your spot as the top Faction!

Brief overview of the server
24/7 Uptime with minimal Lag
Live Player Made Auctions
144 Slots
Players can break obsidian with 8 hits of tnt
No lag Great host!
Awesome plugins
No Faction Chest Protection
Tons of ways to get around Warps/ Sethome/ Tpa etc
Admin Shops to buy and sell items Also PlayerShops
Tnt is allowed to grief/raid!
Stealing, Griefing and Scamming is allowed
Daily unique events
Incredible but fair Donator Packages


Factions - No chest protection
Autorank- Auto ranks you for your time in game
EcoCreatures - Gain money and extra rewards for killing monsters and players
Floauction- Create auctions which other players may bid on
Essentials - Lots of Warps/ Sethome/ Tpa
Player Health: Announces player health deductions in your chat
Worldguard - For our player shops and the bank
Chestshop - For our Player shops
Obsidian Destroyer - Destroy obsidian in 8 hits of tnt

The Staff

Owner: Yourmajestey
Owner: Arnoldcosby
Co-Owner: Dizturbed90
Co-Owner: Joe28lil
Head-Admin: Rlterminator123
Admin: Sogbo
Admin: Mau5breaker
Admin: Nat3Gr3at

We are in need of staff