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Daggers Oath is a community of Minecraft players. We have dedicated staff who are happy to help with a wide range of questions and to help make your gameplay enjoyable.

Daggers Oath is dedicated server and we provide at least up to 5 servers so far. The servers we are running is Surivival, PvP, Creative, RPG, and more to come. All servers are connected by a cloud.

You can visit our website at

Minecraft Server IP:

We currently have for server set up and running for everyone!

Survival Server
The survival server is to be played how it is meant to be played. The server provides enjoyment to the players and have then build whatever they was either by themselves or with friends. We also have our own protection system, So please be careful out there.

PvP Server
The PvP Server is for the PvP fand out there who enjoy versing other players. Upon on joining the server, you can either join or create a town. Once you are in a town, you can start making allies and enemies with other towns and try to go to war.

Creative Server
The Creative server allows players to claim plots and build by either themselves or with your friends! All items are give so there is no work that needs to be doing with obtaining the items. We give an easy access to create outstanding builds!

RPG Server
The RPG server allows players to play out there class and have an experience of great minecraft gameplay.

Care for anymore information?

Go to our website and post on the forums or ask an admin! We be sure to help you all!

Everyone have fun!