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NO WHITELIST! -- 24/7 -- 50 Slots -- Factions

Server ip: ragecraft.mcdl.us
Website: http://www.ragecraftmc.com

About ragecraft:

RageCraft is a 24/7 PvP 100 slot server with little to no lag. The server is community driven, which means we put a lot of time into supporting the player's needs to make the best experience possible for the players! Admins are usually always on to help out, so feel free to ask around. Below are a list of plugins.

Factions - Our main plugin that lets players create teams. You can truce with others, or you can war them.

CombatLog - A great plugin that punishes players for leaving the server while still in combat.

AntiCheat - one of the best plugins that disables players from cheating.

mcMMO - Another great PVP addon, this adds skills and power to your arsenal. Making PVP even more intense.

Shops in game - A shop set up out of spawn where you can buy almost anything in the game to help build your mighty fortress.
We have taken in many suggestions from players to try to enhance the player's needs! Here at RageCraft perfection is key!