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About the server
GetStomped is a 24 hour multiplayer survival server with the main focus on Factions and PvP. The server has very little down time and can hold up to 200 players!

When entering the server you can start your adventure whether that is building or mining like you would usually in Minecraft, you may also join factions to make friends and enemies. Factions allow you building to be semi-protected unless a war has broken out between you and your enemies!

GetStomped uses the BOSEconomy plugin and the currency is in coins. The economy has a balanced economy which has been maintained and will be kept under control. Earning money is simple as you can sell your resources at the GetStomped shop at spawn.

Staff & Website
All our staff are recruited by recommendation by other staff and staff ranks are not given out easily. We like to maintain high standards here at GetStomped. All our staff help the community willingly and easily approachable. If you have a problem use /Helpop if there are staff in game or alternatively email them. (Details can be found in game)

Server Hardware:

Power i7 Hex
7GB Burst Ram (Total 11.5GB)