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Authme, Factions, Mcmmo, Combat Tag, you name it.

Forge United offers a gourmet, lag free environment and has over 50 of the latest and greatest plugins.


We also reward our donators and {EPIC} have a limited creative rank which is used for flying and building in our faction world. {EPIC}


24/7 since 1.2.5



Mexecution [03/05/13 at 12:40 AM] [Reply]Rating: 1/5 | 1
The Owner is abusive, disabled anvils and capped mcmmo so you can't get high skills. Spawn is always griefed. Continuous announcements to vote and chat spamming with no spam guard. The map is small - can't go far. money resets often and ender chests get cleared. Not a good experience
CBACBA [02/23/13 at 2:33 AM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
This server is great! It was one of the first I joined and I still play it. The thing that makes this server stand out is the fast-paced action. Everyday the alliances are changing, and no base is ever safe. The community is also good, the global chat is always busy. This server also provides many free bonuses to help you get back on your feet like kits and drop parties. The spawn is highly purposed and there are many arena. Overall I would reccomend this server to anyone looking for a fast-paced Minecraft life. Hope to see you there!
905zeuus [03/07/13 at 11:16 PM] [Reply]Rating: 5/5 | 0
905zeuus talk to me in game if you need help :D
This server Is amazing all around. There are many warps like parkour, shop, pvp, mobarena and many many more. The server is filled with many nice people that are willing to help you solve problems you may have. The players are always willing to have some friendly pvp action or even some unfriendly pvp action >:) No doubt this is the best "offline mode" server out there. The admin Hotshot_Lover is very nice and likes to do random drop parties filled with rich goodies. Join this server if you want to have a great time playing minecraft :D See you there