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Survival Skyblock!
Uptime: 23/7

come and enjoy yourself!

Features so far:

    [*]Now Featuring Sphax has a Standard Texture Pack!
    [*]start zone (with "Standard" trades)
    [*]skyblock parties! (up to 10 people on an island, donators get double this limit)
    [*]nether access is allowed (earn it yourself)
    [*]Votes for rewards!
    [*]donation perks! (more being added)
    [*]/warp end after challenges are completed! (this will stay with you even if you reset your island)
    [*]creative world for donators
    [*]event world
    [*]Parkour area (member access required)
    [*]MobArena (member access required)

Dynmap!! (webchat requires member access):


Customized Triggers and Events in game! :

    [*]Automated Visual Display for noobs to learn how to make a cobblestone generator properly at spawn
    [*]Automated Reward System for our Parkour area
    [*]Server Owner Customized Commands - /vote, /donate, /apply, /rules, /challenges, /biome (help/list/set)-(to change biome for owners islands), /Protect (add/remove/info), /tpe, /tpc

features for the future:

    [*]Extra Hard Mode? Maybe...