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Rising Hero RPG
Minecraftforum page:

Rising Hero RPG is a new type of innovative server. We have included quests, Events, and much much more. It provides a great playing experience for players and has a great community of friends. Constantly growing and improving.

Aspects of Server:

Towny/Build World:
You can make your home here, join a town, or even make your own town!

In the quest world you meet different people who ask you to do quests! You can get lots of GOLD for doing this quests. You then get to choose whether to be good or evil, whether to join Herobrine or Notch.......Which path will you choose.....

There are different places were you can PvP. You can play in the warzones and do Capture The Flag or Team Death Match. You can also go PvPing elsewhere alone or with a PvP party.

Whenever there is high staff on we love to host events! There are mob killing events, PvP events, Parkour events, and much more. You can also win GOLD for winning the events.

There are two different types of classes on our server, PvP and PvE. You can have one of each of these classes. PvE classes help you out during your survival Minecraft experience. The Mobslayer class helps you kill and protect yourself from mobs and the Mayor class allows you to make your own town. On the other side of things, PvP classes help you out and give you different abilities in PvP. For example the Illusionist class allows you to create temporary walls to block people and you can left click with a bow to scatter arrows at your opponent.

Every 24 Hours you can vote on the following websites for at least 500 GOLD a day giving you a maximum of 2000 GOLD. This helps you out AND it helps the server out.